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Posted on: April 15, 2008 6:51 am

Something  tells me It still will not have sank in untill about game eleven, that this is Mike Holmgrens last year. Or exactly what theat really means any way..

Then there is the opposite of that. The fact Mora will be up next...Which also will probably not have sank in untill then either.

To be honest I'm more afraid of Holmgren leaving then I am of Mora coming in. Because it all seems so black and white, and I think thats because it is. There isn't a lot of gray area here. Meanwhile everything about a coaching overlap like this is very foggy.

It's so clear to me Jim Mora is the perfect candidate, and that is why no one has really been worried about the chemistry change between the two.. Oh, I do reacall hearing people here and there about the power struggle when the news first came out. But its pretty hush now. Almost like a side thought.

Of course now I'll explain why I think Mora makes perfect sense.

The one thing I think the Hawks have that is somewhat stable is our offense.. We've  been getting it done on a consistent basis for a few years now. I dont know the ratio, but I bet the number of games that I feel we lost over the past six years because of lack of offensive performance, is probably 1 outa 3, maybe a little more if you include games we lost simply on a dropped pass or a fumble. Holmgren's  style and system are gonna move the ball. That is what is consistant about our team. Mora knows this, he must. Him being a defensive coach is perfect. He'll have another year ingrained with our staff. And he'll have a mini-Holmgren in Hasselbeck to get thru the first three or four years with our O.

The only thing that could go wrong in my oppinion is Gil Haskell. That would be a major loss to the transition, if he hangs em up, or even for any reason gets  removed. Almost a lynchpin loss. Dont even wanna think about it.

I certainly hope I'm right about all this. It just feels good to me.

Holmgren is gonna have a smooth sail this season.. Lets just hope its into the SB sunset


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Posted on: July 20, 2008 2:15 pm


HavokHawk-  Your right, Mora is the perfect candidate, he knows our whole team, he's experienced with coaching, and when he becomes head coach, he'll influence the team because of the past, and has the will to get another SB apperance, Basicly, in terms of head coaching and team, the hawks are an elite team. I don't think anybody would be that surprised if the hawks made another superbowl this year, were ready to go. But the only problem with the hawks right now is consistency at recievers and kickoff coverage, but other than that, the hawks are good to go.


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Posted on: July 13, 2008 10:25 pm


I like this approach to bringing the next season's coach into the season , knowing much of the future staff. If this is successful, then look for other NFL teams to do this, if not, the concept is doomed.

Go Seahawks, let's kick tail !

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Posted on: May 23, 2008 4:52 pm


I sure hope that Mora can transition into the head coaching spot, after a few year of doing special teams, he would probably get a little lazy. and the only problem i could see with Gil Haskell, is that he would be mad that he wasn't promoted to head coach, and leaves or gets lured away by another team witch seems to happen with Mike Holmgren assistant coaches. (Gruden, Reid, Zorn, and many others)

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Posted on: April 15, 2008 11:53 pm


I have mixed feelings on the pairing.  I vacillate constantly.  However, I have nothing to base this constant swapping of opinion on anything other than the time of day.

I do, however, greatly agree with your assment of Gil Haskell.  His remaining with Mora would bring great consistency to a club that will look to make one or two more runs with the current offensive system.

I am more interested to see how Hasslebeck ages.  He seems "young" compared to a Favre.

Interesting article.  Much thanks!

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