Posted on: April 15, 2008 6:51 am


Something  tells me It still will not have sank in untill about game eleven, that this is Mike Holmgrens last year. Or exactly what theat really means any way..

Then there is the opposite of that. The fact Mora will be up next...Which also will probably not have sank in untill then either.

To be honest I'm more afraid of Holmgren leaving then I am of Mora coming in. Because it all seems so black and white, and I think thats because it is. There isn't a lot of gray area here. Meanwhile everything about a coaching overlap like this is very foggy.

It's so clear to me Jim Mora is the perfect candidate, and that is why no one has really been worried about the chemistry change between the two.. Oh, I do reacall hearing people here and there about the power struggle when the news first came out. But its pretty hush now. Almost like a side thought.

Of course now I'll explain why I think Mora makes perfect sense.

The one thing I think the Hawks have that is somewhat stable is our offense.. We've  been getting it done on a consistent basis for a few years now. I dont know the ratio, but I bet the number of games that I feel we lost over the past six years because of lack of offensive performance, is probably 1 outa 3, maybe a little more if you include games we lost simply on a dropped pass or a fumble. Holmgren's  style and system are gonna move the ball. That is what is consistant about our team. Mora knows this, he must. Him being a defensive coach is perfect. He'll have another year ingrained with our staff. And he'll have a mini-Holmgren in Hasselbeck to get thru the first three or four years with our O.

The only thing that could go wrong in my oppinion is Gil Haskell. That would be a major loss to the transition, if he hangs em up, or even for any reason gets  removed. Almost a lynchpin loss. Dont even wanna think about it.

I certainly hope I'm right about all this. It just feels good to me.

Holmgren is gonna have a smooth sail this season.. Lets just hope its into the SB sunset


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Posted on: March 31, 2008 4:50 am


As I sat here in this peaceful calm between now and the draft. I had a thought come to me concerning the overall state of our team.

I would have to admit, I've been worried  the past couple of months. Worried  that we had altered ourself criticaly in hidden ways concerning coaches and key players. Believe it or not I think even something as inobscure as having Ray Rhodes gone will have an unseen effect.

But outside of Rhodes, That is basically the only drastic change thats happened on the defensive side of the Ball. ( No insult intended to Darby, Bently or Koutivides.) 

In light of the recent  team chemstry  shown amongst  the members of our D. I'd say that type of cohesion bodes well for us. Combined with the fact we showed  signs of greatnesss last season on that side of the ball...So in this thought I suddenly had an impulsion that we are on the brink of being an elite defense.

Now, suddenly, I'm cool and colected about our status going into next season. Yeah just like that.  I'm confident we'll do well no matter really whats going on on the offense. 

I realize of course this is a pretty premature sense of confidense.  But I can't help that the Hawks and me have always been a pretty instinctual relationship. ( I NOTE here that my instincts have been wrong before.)  But theres nothing i can do now except, accept the fact we're going to do well next season..

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Posted on: March 22, 2008 5:01 pm

Glimmer of Hope

I have been waiting for something to happen from inside the locker room for the team to build some pride in.  Defense to the rescue. This latest move with Lofa and his buddies has to be one of the most unselfish things I've witnessed in the NFL as of late.  They love each other and I love them.

I have been worried in days past that the chemistry in the locker room has been shaken.. At least now I can hold some hope that perhaps it will only affect one side of the ball.  And in truth I hold some comfort in Matt holding that side together despite radical changes..  In my oppinion that is one of Hasselbecks stronger points, that has always made his on the field woes (When he has them) more palatable,  by his winning charm he parlays in the locker room. 

As for more on Lofa you don't need to read it here, its on a gazzillion threads now that he's signed. The man is cool as they come.

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Posted on: March 8, 2008 4:34 pm

Falling Apart

I'm a firm beleiver in continuity. And well my fellow Seahawks, we are blowing ours apart.  I was OK with Jim Zorn leaving, Actually happy about our future Headman Jim Mora coming from in-house. Ahh but if that could have been where it stopped. But we have lost many high personality players and coaches.  Some captains and some just loved by other players and fans. When we discuss say Alexander Leaving us. I don't wish him to stay soley based on my hope he does better this year. Yes theres some loyalty bias but in actuallity it's because we can't keep losing players that have been sold on this team sticking together concept. I'm telling you what if Alexander isn't here after the public promises from the brass. It will fester in our locker room. This team has been built on the concept Holmgren instilled that if you do all you can for the organization (Give it your all)  the organization will do all it can for you. Basically Team Trust. I think the team as a whole can write off the Josh Brown departure as his own doing.  But the Alexander Issue is a hot potato.
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Posted on: March 5, 2008 3:34 am
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The off season.

As a Seahawks fan on this sight. I notice that people will change the subject of a currently running thread in order to make their oppinion of something not being discussed heard. Now I myself am guilty of this and personally hate it when it happens. I'm hoping to alleviate that stress by making this entire blog open subject.  You wanna talk about it post it here.  This is my first attempt at a blog and I'm hoping it catches on. I created it out of need, other blogs I've investigated tend to wander off subject.  Because I often have things on my mind about the team,  but they aren't worth starting a thread over. ( Perhaps only a couple comments.) It's difficult for me to post them on a "Seahawks blog" Where the last comment was how hot some girl's a## is.

So to start off.

This whole thing about us predicting what we'll do in the draft and free agency is pointless to me. I mean who in their right mind expected Duckett or Wahle to be here before they were.

I realize it may be fun. But in the long run we end up getting excited about something that doesn't happen and quite possably was never going to, leaving us in frustration. It may work for other teams but not for us.  I have to say since Tim Ruskell arrived, we have to be one of the most unpredictable franchises in the league. Year after year, I watch the press try and predict what we are going to do. Then when we don't do it, they plaster us with bad grades on the draft. Only to later call Ruskell some kind of genius. 

Now mind you I see no problem discussing what our needs are. Or even discussing rumours. Let's just not get excited or upset about something  until it happens or it doesn't.

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